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Picture & info blog for NTU ADM FDN Group II [07-08]

18 people
1 class

ntu adm fdn gp2 07-08
currently split into the majors
(just another step towards world domination)

product design
auntiefrankie Frankie [class rep]
i_8_eh_raindrop Kailing
+ Zyane

visual communication
naijiz Dan [Sonnenberg rep]
mushrooms Bernadette
elvondyn Judith
riiche Jasmine
kiyoo Kiyoko
kinkikid Johnny
tak_melayu_enuf Iffah
jillanthropic Jill
+ Bixia

solarpower Sunny
lowellhealy Cheryl
rubypuppet LZ
+ Huiying

wifeofknives Michelle

interactive media
yami_kurisu Kris

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