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15 March 2009 @ 07:43 pm
Copy 101.  
Cookies to you if you can guess which school this obscene paragraph came from.

Our Approach
We focus on the OUTSIDE-IN approach rather than the traditional INSIDE-OUT approach in the design process where we are blinded by our own traditions and belief and thus enable to create RADICAL and MEANINGFUL EXPERIENCES.
By adopting this approach, we take a NON-LINEAR approach to design because we believe linear thinking will not solve the dilemmas of a rapidly changing World and the diversity of users.

What does it mean?
It simply means WE DESIGN WITH THE USER IN MIND and not for the user.

How do we do it?
We use a wide range of user research methods such as REAL PEOPLE Methods (Design Ethnography, Shadowing, etc.). The main goal is not to solve a specific problem, but to DISCOVER and UNDERSTAND the user life's patterns, unmeet needs and desires. And the DEVELOP, DESIGN and EXECUTE on radical concepts that will stimulate the market

This is the exact text (caps, non-fullstops and bad language), I didn't edit anything.

I'm not even going to attempt to criticize the content when the actual language used leaves much to be desired.

1) This is why copywriting remains the most underappreciated art form in communication. The moment you fail to communicate, you fail as a designer. And this pitch obviously fails because even its "What does it mean?" section doesn't explain anything. If you even need a "What does it mean?" section in your brochure, you're already better off dead, communications-wise.

2) Do not capslock halfway through your explanation. Do not leave out periods. Leave a line between paragraphs. Do not use Arial. What design school uses Arial? Are you so radical that you accept plagiarism within your design?

3) Yeah, I lied, of course I'll bitch about content. It simply means WE DESIGN WITH THE USER IN MIND and not for the user. Wow, I have no words. There's a fine line between art and design. Pick your poison and stick with that. Don't attempt to be a communicator for the masses if you plan to be bohemian.

4) Design Ethnography, Shadowing, etc. Big words have no meaning in them if your intended audience doesn't understand what the hell you mean. These have no place in a brochure trying to promote your design school. They're not your students yet; don't attempt to give them a lecture, it always backfires.

5) The pretentiousness might have been bearable if the language was okay. Rule of thumb - designers are not copywriters. It doesn't matter how good they are with language. You still need to hire a legit copywriter, one who lives with words, lives for words, lives because of words. In other words, he pays the bills with words. That way, you can be 100percent sure he doesn't screw up.

Hello, Singapore Polytechnic School of Design. I was from Singapore Polytechnic myself, so I have every right to be appalled. If this is the kind of stuff the kids there are learning these days, excuse me as I go shit a brick. Wow, biggest pile of nonsense since 4D class, really.
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Jasmineriiche on March 15th, 2009 01:10 pm (UTC)
My friend from NYP's DMD school and I bitched about it all afternoon. 8'D
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